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Disclaimer:  This group (Dan Beard Conservation Engineers Society) is affiliated with the Dan Beard Council however this site is not.  This site is paid for and maintained for/by the members of the Dan Beard Conservation Engineers Society.  This is for the members informational purposes only.

Welcome Fellow Members

Welcome Fellow CCG Members!

If you have any questions about the group, please contact Nate Clayton (contact information below) first before attempting to call anyone at the camp for clarification.  Nate will gather questions and then meet with a representative from camp to get clarification.

Some new additions have been made to the website.  Everyone can now leave a message for the group at the new Discussion Board.  There is also a place where we will be posting the Scheduled Work Days for people to reference on their own (no more forgetting use the Calendar).  To keep up on what's been going on, a Newsletter has been published for your review.  Another recent addition has been the Photo Gallery.  You can go here and leave pictures of our work days or the trophy you took out at camp (or anywhere).  In order to post a picture, you will have to request an account be setup by the webmaster.  But everyone should be able to view what's posted.  A Service Day Signup Sheet has been added to the site as well.

** UPDATE: 03/03/12 **

At the last workday/meeting on March 3, 2012, the following new rule was voted on and approved by the group in attendance:

Any member of our group must work at least 16 hours during the 12 month period beginning October 2nd and ending October 1st. Other members are allowed to donate no more than a total of 4 hours, in order that the member will obtain the required 20 hours worked. Cases involving severe illness will be reviewed by members of the board, on a case by case basis. If you have worked 20 hours but still owe more hours worked, it will be allowable for each member to donate additional hours to the member that is in need.
Hunting/Fishing Information

All members must contact the Scout Camp prior to hunting/fishing on the camp property.  Call this number, 513-831-8311 , at least 24 hours in advance and leave a message if no one answers.  Make sure to specify the times you intend to be there and the place/zone (if applicable) you will be hunting in.  Also leave a phone number you can be contacted at.  In the event the time/place you have requested to be on the premises is not allowable, you will be contacted.  Check the Calendar as well for important camp dates (when camp is closed to hunting).

Certain rules must be followed:  Member Guidelines

 Member Information

Click Here for the Member Information Spreadsheet (status, name, phone, email, hunting zones, etc).
(If your information is incorrect and you would like to have it updated, please email the webmaster and he will update your information.)

Changes/Updates were made to the membership rules this year (2007).  Clarifications of the rules were also determined at the March 18th, 2007 work day, during the yearly meeting.  It was decided and approved, by a majority vote, that if you are unable to attend the yearly meeting, you will not have a vote at the meeting (yet another reason to make sure you attend).  The work requirement was also clarified at this meeting.  All members are required to give 20 hours of service each year in order to remain a member.  All of those who do not put in their 20 hours will be dropped from the group and may reapply for an auxiliary position within the group.  (There is an updated link below of the new/updated membership rules -  Member Guidelines).

New Members:

All new members must fill out an application and go through the new member orientation with the new member committee.  Drop off completed applications to the Camp Office at the Dan Beard Scout Reservation or email them to the Conservation Engineer secretary.

Links and Documents

Member Information:
Conservation Engineer Application
BSA Adult Application

Youth Protection Training
(Click this link above, log in to the BSA site, scroll to the bottom of the page, select the "Venturing" tab, select the "Youth Protection Training - Venturing Version" to complete the training.)
Permission To Hunt on Private Land Form (PDF)
Permission To Hunt on Private Land Form (DOC)
Member Guidelines
CCG Time Sheet

Camp Friedlander Map
Camp Friedlander Map (with hunting zones)
Cub World Map

Other sites:
Dan Beard Council website
Web Mail Login (for officer use only)

Officer/Other Contact Information

Nate Clayton (president)
Phone:  513-967-2278

Mat Barter (vice president)
Phone:  513-886-4497

Phil Barter (secretary)

Josh Clayton (auxiliary member representative )

Mat Barter (webmaster)
Phone:  513-886-4497

Jason Neal (lead ranger/general manager for Camp Friedlander)
Phone (cell):  513-659-9836

Camp Maintenance
Phone:  513-831-8311 ext. 108

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